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Improving kids' lives through games

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Happier, more confident kids

Its about Emotional, Social and Physical Fitness

We use thousands of research results to make the games powerful and enjoyable. Every aspect of the games are tuned to deliver the most impact and the best experiences.

Not just 'doing okay'

This is beyond kids just doing 'okay'. We now have technology to help kids to be the very best they can be.

About Us

Tchiki Davis, M.A. is a Ph.D. student in psychology (Concentration: Management of technology innovation) at UC Berkeley. Currently funded by a competitive grant from NIMH to translate basic neuroscience research into psychotherapeutic interventions, she is building on this training making effective and engaging emotional health games that are more accessible to the community.

Michael L. Davis has been writing software, and loving it, since he was a boy and has done everything from working with the leading minds in the country at our national labs to writing games for off-shore gaming websites. He is continuing his life-long love affair with innovative graphical user interfaces and metadata-driven architectures helping build games that are extremely fun and extremely beneficial.

Halsey Camera is in high school (class of 2016) and is an amazing artist and our kid-in-residence. Her love of fantastical comic art and animation is helping build games that are extremely fun, attractive, and relevant.

Our Advisors And Supporters

Phillip S. Strain, Ph.D. – Phil is a professor at University of Colorado at Denver. He is the director of the Positive Early Learning Experiences (PELE) Center and is an expert in young children with autism, young children with early onset problem behavior and children's social/emotional development.

Pamela Wirth – Pamela is mentor and coach for mothers and daughters. She is an expert in restoration of balance, working with parents and girls towards creating life affirming and girl-positive experiences, and developing important values and skills necessary for the conscious evolution of humankind.

Dacher Keltner, Ph.D. – Dacher is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and director of the Greater Good Science Center. He is an expert on social functions of emotions and how emotions enable individuals to respond adaptively to the problems and opportunities that define human social living.

Ben Hankin, Ph.D. – Ben is a professor at the University of Denver. He is an expert in developmental psychology and trajectories of depression over the lifespan, especially in children and adolescents.

Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D. – Stephen is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He is an expert in child and adolescent psychology, especially the mechanisms underlying ADHD and associated behavioral and emotional problems.

David Klonsky, Ph.D. – David is a professor at the University of British Columbia. He is an expert on emotion, personality, and behavior and how these processes relate to self-injury and suicidal behavior.

Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D. – Emiliana is Science Director of the Greater Good Science Center. She is an expert in the science that connects health and happiness to social affiliation, caregiving, compassion, and collaborative relationships.

Dav Clark, Ph.D. – Dav is a research fellow at Berkeley Institute for Data Science. He is an expert in use of lightweight social measurement tools to assess behavior change interventions.

Tom Kehler, Ph.D. – Tom’s skills include identification of market opportunity, building and coaching management teams, developing business relationships with large corporations and partners, and funding. He is an expert in launching and growing high tech companies.

Lina Nilsson, Ph.D. – Lina is Innovation Director at the University of California, Berkeley’s Blum Center. She is an expert in seeding and incubating technology-based products, especially focusing on behavior change barriers around technology use and impact.

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Ph.D. – Ikhlaq is the Founding Director and Chief Scientist of the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, founder of the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership, and founder of UC Berkeley's Venture Lab. He is an expert in advising and developing technology start-ups.